Nissin Basic Environmental Policy
  1. In order to preserve the global environment and prevent pollution, we will set environmental targets and strive for continuous improvement through periodic reviews.
  2. We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, agreements, and agreements related to our business activities.
  3. We will actively work on resource  conservation, energy  conservation, and waste  reduction, and strive to reduce our environmental impact.
  4. In consideration of the prevention of global warming and  the control of air pollutants, we strive to provide environmentally friendly logistics services from a life cycle  perspective together with our customers and partner companies.
  5. This environmental policy will be made known to  employees and related parties, and made available to the public.

What SDG’s Environmental programs can be implemented at Nissin Indonesia.

Since the year 2022, PT. Nissin Transport Indonesia do the CSR program based on Nissin Charter of Corporate Behavior as our guidance.

We will fulfil our responsibility as good corporate citizens. We aim to achieve a good balance between our business activities and social contribution activities and to help build a prosperous society

We will drive our company based on the Business Development Plan for the period April 2022 – March 2027, one of which is to carry out CSR activities based on the sustainability of nature that is clean from pollution.

Simultaneously with World Tree Planting Day on November 28th, 2022, PT. Nissin Transport Indonesia carried out CSR activities by planting mangrove trees in the Pantai Indah Kapuk mangrove forest, North Jakarta. We donated 300 mangrove trees to the community as our social responsibility.

Nissin Transport Indonesia and PT. Nissin Jaya Indonesia as a company operating in the logistics sector carries out social responsibility towards the environment and society with several company CSR programs 2023.

In implementing the Company’s CSR program, we design social responsibility activities that are right on target, can be measured, and most importantly provide a sustainable impact. One of CSR programs launched by PT. Nissin Transport Indonesia and PT. Nissin Jaya Indonesia which is planting trees in a reforestation effort to help absorb carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Trees act as carbon absorbers and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

G H G (Greenhouse Emissions Gas)

Since July 2023, Nissin Corporation has issued a manual on the Energy Use Questionnaire and Greenhouse Emissions Gas (GHG) Calculation Table. This questionnaire was socialized to all Nissin Corporation subsidiaries to collect energy usage data. Where this data is to be reported to all Shareholders.

In August 2023, PT. Nissin Transport Indonesia and     PT. Nissin Jaya Indonesia has calculated gas emission during 2022 based on the GHG Gas Emission Calculation Table. The results are as follows:

Our last report for May 2024, the result are as follow:


Based on Nissin Charter of Corporate Behavior,  In doing our business activities, the management respect human rights in the conduct of our business.

  • We respect the human rights of all people and will work to eliminate all forms of illegal labor.
  • We will create an environment that respects different values and that makes the most of diverse huma resources.
  • We aim to become a company that enables each employee to grow, to work cheerfully, and to find meaning in their job.

Employee well-being is an important component of a healthy work environment and organization. Companies that promote wellness make it easier for employees to manage stress levels while also maintaining a positive and productive environment.

Employee wellness is defined as the overall mental, physical, emotional and economic health of your employees. This is influenced by factors such as their relationships with coworkers, the decisions they make, and the tools and resources they access. Working hours, wages and work safety also have a significant impact on employee well-being.

What SDG’s society programs can be implemented at Nissin Indonesia



  • Company conduct regular health checkups once a year for all employees. We also have a health guidance system to support employee health management.
  • Provides influenza injections and vitamin injections every year to all employees in order to maintain employee health throughout the year.
  • Provide a reference for employee health by involving employees in a health reward program, in order to maintain employee health.
  • Provides health insurance to all employees, such as BPJS Health which is a mandatory health insurance program from the Indonesian Government and also private insurance for hospitalization, childbirth and dental health.


  • Providing loans to employees who wish to continue their education at bachelor/diploma level.
  • Provide basic Company knowledge training to all employees. (Company Regulations, SOP, Nissin Compliance/Anti-harassment, Internal Whistleblowing Rules).
  • Providing basic education about the regulations of each department such as customs, cargo, HSE training, IT.
  • Provide training opportunities for employees to take external training courses to gain knowledge, certification and skills related to their daily work.


  • PT. Nissin Jaya Indonesia as warehousing company which is located at Kawasan Industri Terpadu Indonesia Cina, Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat have obtained Halal Certification to conduct in daily activities (2022)
  • PT. Nissin Transport Indonesia as International Forwarding company have obtained the IATA license (2017) and Custom Broker License (2016)


We implemented regulation and policy from Nissin Corporation head office in the context of corporate governance, where every year an internal audit is carried out on the Nissin Corporation group of companies to ensure the running of the company’s activities. We also comply with applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia and International by acting in accordance with company ethics Nissin Charter of Corporate Behavior.

Annual internal audit activities are carried out to assess the company’s administrative regulations, assess the quality of work and also the company’s sales activities and profit income.

What SDG’s GOVERNOR programs can be implemented at Nissin Indonesia


  • We establish Compliance Committee. This committee conduct the socialization and refreshment about compliance manual and whistleblowing system to all employees.
  • This Committee chaired by President Director.
  • This committee formulates company-wide policies and important measures regarding compliance, confirms the status of implementation, investigates causes of compliance violations such as legal violations and harassment, and deliberates on measures to prevent recurrence, etc., and reports the status of activities to the head office every six months.


  • We develop an internal control which is controlling by President Director and Quality HSE department.


  • We develop Business Continuity Plan that we adopt from Nissin Head Office and we adjusted by Law and Policy Indonesian Government.