Some things change and some never do.
In turbulent times, Nissin continues to deliver happiness and impact people’s lives.

The meaning behind the Nissin name embodies our founding spirit of improving day by day.

In the midst of this time of great change, we asked ourselves, what principles should we hold on to? What do we want to be in the future? And what is it that we should focus on in order to achieve this?

Our newly established Purpose, Vision, and Values are our answer to these questions and will serve as Nissin’s guiding principles from now on.

Our Purpose is our raison d’être, unchanged and immutable. To impact people’s lives by delivering not just things but the emotions and heart that lie behind them. And to make the world a better place by taking care of the environment. These are the beliefs that went into our Purpose. Our Vision for ourselves as a supply chain logistics provider is to be a partner who helps solve various social issues by achieving ideal logistics arrangements for our customers. And what drives our Vision is the people and innovations that we have cultivated. Our Values make clear the views that all of our employees must share to further propel our Purpose and Vision forward. To be a pioneer who explores new ground each day in order to provide superior ideas. To respect differences so that each individual can maximize their strengths. And to have an attentive heart to better understand and resolve customer concerns and challenges.

We will continue seeking to grow and evolve each day and to achieve our Vision through the Purpose and Values that embody our unchanging principles. In turbulent times, Nissin continues to deliver happiness and impact people’s lives.

Touch the hearts of all, delivering global happiness and peace
To “carry” something. It is an activity that forms the basis of society and economy, and is an indispensable force for the development of the world. We at Nissin can help, even with limited time, with delicate goods such as medicine, and even in areas where roads are poorly maintained. We have achieved all kinds of “transportation” that our customers have requested. Some customers call us “Emergency Nissin” because we have paved the way even in difficult situations where other companies would have given up.

With infectious diseases, frequent natural disasters, and heightened geopolitical risks, the task of logistics is becoming increasingly difficult. Against this backdrop, we will utilize the capabilities we have cultivated over our many years in business to connect people to people, companies to companies, and Japan to the world. Further, our goal is to not just deliver things but the emotions and heart that lie behind them. And to protect the earth through environmentally friendly services.

Spreading happiness across the world. That is our Purpose.

Supply Chain Logistics Provider Through the power of “people” and “innovation”,
we will construct optimal logistics supply chains to contribute to solving diverse social issues As the conditions which affect logistics undergo a sea change, we will further develop the people and innovations we have cultivated with the aim of becoming a leader in building and managing ideal supply chains for our customers. We will contribute to the optimization of our customers’ operations by gaining a deep understanding of their businesses and taking the initiative in proposing systems and arrangements that enable us to supply what is needed when it is needed.

We will also take on the challenge of contributing to the solution of climate change and other social issues and aim to be a reliable partner in an era that demands sustainability.

Be a pioneer
As a pioneer in international multimodal transport, we always look to the future and challenge ourselves to provide new solutions.

Respect difference
We accelerate innovation by respecting diversity and creating an environment in which each individual can maximize their strengths.

Have an attentive heart
We value service, hospitality, and attentiveness that looks at things from the client’s perspective to achieve the ideal logistics for our customers

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of society as a good corporate citizen, and while adhering to high ethical standards, we conduct free and fair corporate activities globally.

Our group strives to provide safe, prompt, low-cost, and high-quality logistics and travel services while continuing to innovate based on the spirit of “new and renewed every day,” which is the origin of our company name. Our basic management policy is to contribute to the realization of a prosperous society, increase corporate value while building trust with customers, and meet the expectations of all stakeholders, including shareholders.

In order to realize this basic policy, our group conducts related businesses such as logistics and travel, which are essential for economic and social development, by thoroughly complying with corporate ethics and laws, and actively working to preserve the global environment. We aim to expand globally while fulfilling our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.